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Inca Geometric has recently completed a full rebuild and reconditioning contract for two multi-spindle tapping heads having 45 and 21 spindles respectively that have been used for engine block production at a UK automotive plant.

Significant in the rebuild was the time frame which involved delivery of both multi-heads to Inca’s Chartham, near Canterbury facility on a Monday morning. As part of the contract Inca had to complete the rebuild ready for delivery back to the customer plant by Friday for installation on the multi-station in-line transfer machine on the Saturday morning. It was up and running by the afternoon!

Inca Geometric has a multi-head design and build track record that can be related back to the 1960s during which time it produced hundreds of units having between two and 308 spindles. The 308 spindle unit was a bespoke design to be used for drilling rubber in a tyre remoulding company in order to allow a bonding agent to be injected as part of the vulcanising process. Over the years it has built heads for drilling multiple holes from 1 mm diameter in automotive carburettor bodies to U-drilling and finish boring 60 mm diameter holes in bevel gears. Inca Geometric has also produced universal adjustable head units, gearless heads, multi-heads for CNC machines and even a single head unit that weighed some 1,500 kg.

Prior to the two tapping heads being delivered to Chartham, the customer could only supply from its records a general arrangement drawing and a parts list. From this basic information Inca’s design engineers worked out bearing dimensional details and drew up all the various working parts in each head to enable prior machining, gear cutting any heat treatment and grinding.

As part of the process full size drawings were spread out on the workshop floor and all internal components that had been produced were checked as being available and for rough position. These parts included five decks of gears, spindle input shafts, idler spindles, bearing spacers, the replacement auto-lubrication pump and filter plus the 90 deg gear driven cam plate, dog mechanism and limit switches to activate the reverse motion of the tapping process.

Once the actual multi-heads were delivered, they were stripped, each bearing diameter jig bored and re-bushed in the housings and the units assembled and tested prior to despatch. All of the parts fitted without modification, rework or adjustment.
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